Thursday, February 15, 2007

we've just gotten news that our abstract has made it to the WONCA conference as a poster! am really really glad, although we were aiming for oral presentation, poster is good too. am not lead author, am stuck as last author because group leader is an mcp (male chauvinist pig) but a good leader all the same. can't say i'm too upset though, after all i joined purely for the experience, not for the recognition. and i already made it quite clear that i didn't want to do too much work so it suits me just fine.

but that doesn't excuse him automatically deciding that i'll be the last author just because i'm a girl. that, my darlings, was the reason he gave me. how most irritating. have urge to quit this project. this sort of thing is what exactly rankles me. it's just not fair. i may be the only girl but i'm just as capable as all of them, if not more so! i'm determined to prove myself, and i will.

am slowly going out of my mind with autonomic pharm. i just don't quite get nicotinic and muscarinic receptors and their drugs. it's really quite disgustingly gross. shiver me timbers laddies.

and so it's back to slugging away for myocardial drugs. more updates are in order, i promise! am sorry have been so lazy for so long!

Friday, February 2, 2007

it's 2 am in the morning where i'm at, and having just attempted to slug my way through a pile of comm medicine notes, have blearily made my way down the corridor of my dorm floor to bathe.

i placed my toiletries basket on the sinks and started to brush my teeth, and then noticed - "hey! someone else has the same toiletries basket as me!" before realising that it was my own.

this can't be happening! i don't believe i could do such a thing. i must be going insane! somebody, help.