Friday, October 19, 2007

horror upon horrors! have realised am going to miss the rugby world cup finals because will travelling :( oh sadness. my heart is breaking! i can only pray where i'm traipsing to has cable. if not, i will be one heartbroken girl.

and yes cal, jonny wilkinson TOTALLY wins! :)

but holidays have been fabulous. even if i only have a 1 day break in between trips - i would much rather do this than go to clinics ANYDAY. am so terrible! definitely not your typical med student!

where i just came from :)

am looking forward to my next holiday tomorrow, hopefully it'll be as fabulous as the 1st! :)

meantime, please keep safe and enjoy yourselves! :) if you're jealous, just think, in 1 week's time, i will be back slogging away in the wards again. so there ;)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

instead of studying for my upcoming OB/GYN exams like the good girl i should be, all i am doing is watching rugby.

yes, rugby. world cup fever has hit where i live!

in particular, england.
no, not because they play well, or because i like jonny wilkinson's butt everytime he lines up for a kick (suggested by a guy friend as a reason for my deep undying love for england), but just because.

and also, they have the best looking player in the game! which accounts for a very very teensy, tiny part of why i support england. (really!!)

altogether now: awwwwww.

i heart you toby flood! may you make more tries and convert more kicks for england!

then again, if new zealand was still in the world cup, i doubt i'd very much notice toby flood at all. anyone thinks much of dan carter? ;)

right. back to OB/GYN stuff

Saturday, October 6, 2007

OSCES for OB/GYN were today, and suffice to say i bungled it up miserably. most miserably. it was my own fault for snuffing those stations which i prepared for (and well-prepared at that), and not preparing those that were strongly hinted at which to come out.

it was 10 min per station, and i got chased out of 3 stations early with a disappointed look on the examiner's face. rather ghastly. i couldn't answer questions like: so what is the cause of the foetal distress? can't you pick it up from the history? to which my only answer was: am very sorry, i really don't know.

that went on. and on and on and on. which left me feeling utterly demoralised and broken after the exams, so much so i had to run to the toilet and cry. not a good thing, considering i have never ever done that before.

but i'm home now, away from that stress. 1 more week till some much needed rest! theory papers await. one more week!