Friday, January 30, 2009

guitar hero

i received a bit of a shock over the week, not sure whether the news is good or bad but i'm choosing to look on the bright side for now! :)

lately my group of friends and i (and almost everyone i know) seems to be addicted to wii's guitar heroes! :) most fabulous. except that being ditzy (by name and nature) me, i am constantly making a fool of myself on the songs :\ doesn't help that i'm tone deaf as well!
but it's great fun to sit around and watch as people get disinhibited and start yowling and wailing over songs such as livin' on prayer (my favourite!), complete with hitting the high notes ;)

i introduced my parents to wii - and my mother promptly whupped my dad in wii tennis almost effortlessly! that left my dad grumbling lots (i guess men's egos are big huh) and being rather unhappy - until he thrashed my mum at wii golf. hahahaha. boys will be boys i suppose.

on the medical side, we've started infectious diseases and it's only the 2nd posting that i really quite dislike :(
i don't quite mind the HIV patients, the STDs etc. it's really the whole infection control thing that gets me - it's so super inconvenient and scary - i detest the thought of carrying MRSA or VRE. as a result, i'm obsessive-compulsive about washing my hands and cleaning my stethoscope between patients and it's so time consuming cos i really really wash them :\

ID physicians are incredibly and their knowledge of lab results - after all, their diagnoses depend almost solely on lab results sometimes!
but i have to admit i was stunned when an attending lecturing us managed to give percentages of symptoms of how patients might present.
for example: nausea is present in 50%, and vomiting and diarrhoea in 30%.
he went on to do this for each and every symptom!!!!
granted, it's only rough percentages, but me, i have problem remembering all the symptoms, let alone the percentages!!! gracious.

today, attending (same as above) asked me, " so what are the causes of malignancy responsible for pyrexia of unknown origin that are not blood cancers?"
all i could stupidly say was, "ummm, solid organ tumours?"
i think he wasn't happy with my dumbness and gave me a scathing look. oops.
and sadly, there is no happy ending to this story - i didn't get a chance to redeem myself. it feels like geriatrics all over again (except there was a happy ending in that one!) :(

3 weeks left in clinicals, 2 weeks of study break and the BIG ONE arriveth :(
just as well i guess, rather than being in a state of eternal limbo!

Monday, January 26, 2009

weeeeee areeeee the CHAMPIONS :D

so we won the softball tourney! :) despite me playing terribly and my old injury flaring up and having to sit out most of the last few games, (all the medics on the team have diagnosed me as having supraspinatus impingement, probably with rotator cuff strain and early osteoarthritis - ahhh, the perks of having eager medics as friends), WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!

only now do i know what certain death means, we really came back from the dead!
each of our final 3 games was won in the bottom 5th innning (we play a modified version of 5 innings) when we were up to bat, and won each game by ONE measly run. that's really cutting it close!
but we won! and i've never been so elated in my life. my team spent a good few minutes just hugging each other and screaming our heads off, showering kisses all round. heh.

alright on to medicine stuff:
the new internship employment packets have been given out, and we've been asked to list our matches and selections for the upcoming intern year. problem is, they've changed the system completely from our seniors time, due to a new employer (some shuffling around, i'm clueless), so that means most of us a clutching wildly in the dark at our decisions, except for the very brilliant and brainy top few who are assured of getting what they want.

for me, it's a gamble. should i go with medicine, surgery and OB/GYN or should it be medicine, ortho, OB/GYN?
what if i don't get OB/GYN??? (besides throwing a fit and sinking into depression and crying all day, i mean) what would be a better choice? medicine, surgery, ortho?

coupled with all my friends choosing different things and all of us being on different areas of the results spectrum, (i believe i'm somewhere in the bottom half, sadly), it's a whole new confusing world.

clearly, i'm going to have to put in some hard thinking on this one. and i need to get myself a decent passport photo when i'm not half asleep or with hair that sticks out all over :\

ahhh, the perils of growing up! :(

it's the first day of lunar new year so HAPPY NEW YEAR (again) one and all! :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

blisters, warts and all

i have multiple blisters on my hands right now from softball trainings, as well as corns/callosities and warts (for which i blame the boys, i have not had warts since before this year, before this team!).

the whiner in me wants to shove my hands into the face of everyone whom i meet and gain some sympathy (pathetic of me). and the masochist in me somehow tells me to appreciate the blisters, warts and all, because i'll never get them again. not from softball anyway.

i know it's my final and last last last season, but something tells me i'll have a hard time giving it up.

come sunday night, it's time to hang up my boots, keep my glove and bat and helmet.

wish me luck for sunday's matches! :)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

bring in 2009!

so we've reached 2009 (and i have shamefully fallen far far short of my 2008 resolutions!)


this year, my resolutions are simpler (and in no order of importnance):
1) to keep off coffee (i'm pretty sure i will go right back on it once i'm post-call)
2) to pass my finals (either 1st or 2nd try, hopefully not longer! :\)
3) to work out/exercise more (my increasing weight is reason for worry. uh oh) - should i go with a gym membership or gymnastics classes?
4) to spend more time with my loved ones (super impt)
5) to spend less in light of the economic crisis - really time to rein in my spendthrift ways!
6) to get on the right path to learning to be a good doctor - in terms of attitude, teamwork, compassion, conscientiousness etc, not just in pure knowledge.
7) to devote more time to church, i have been MIA muchly this year
8) to organise my room (uhhh, this is hard. i am probably one of the messiest people on this planet)
9) not to complain and whine so much!
10) to blog more regularly and not be so boring (heh)

much love to all of you! :)