Monday, July 2, 2007

trying a random test online from xavier's blog! :)

so which specialty am i most suited to?

1 urology
2 radiology 41
3 pediatrics
4 obstetrics/gynecology
5 gastroenterology
6 colon & rectal surgery
7 ophthalmology
8 general surgery
9 dermatology

10 med oncology
11 radiation oncology
12 orthopaedic surgery
13 plastic surgery
14 hematology
15 emergency med
16 anesthesiology
17 physical med & rehabilitation
18 otolaryngology
19 family practice
20 infectious disease
21 neurosurgery
22 rheumatology
23 endocrinology
24 cardiology
25 nuclear med
26 thoracic surgery
27 aerospace med
28 pulmonology
29 nephrology
30 general internal med
31 allergy & immunology
32 neurology
33 psychiatry
34 occupational med
35 pathology
36 preventive med

hoho how interesting! those in bold are those i'm interested in. rather odd! but it's only a test after all.

and i'm highly please that GS has made it into the top 10. but as much as i know i love surgery, i know that the lifestyle is crazily crazy, and it's not for me. so for a while now, my top choice has been urology, and i think the test all but confirms it. :)
suffice to say, i'm very happy! but that doesn't mean i'm discounting other choices as well, of course :)

Sunday, July 1, 2007

so school starts again, back to the wards we are!

and i'm doing orthopaedics now. grumble grumble grumble. (instead of OB/GYN as orignially planned due to a stupid mix up in the admin department) i should really have lifted weights over the holidays in preparation for gruelling exams on knees on guys twice my size.

and i can forget about wearing dresses and heels this rotation because orthopaedics requires sheer brute force :\
at least i still get to wear make-up! unfortunately the early mornings have all but killed my affinity for my make-up bag, and as a result, i look hideous. i'm too lazy to even wear my contact lenses!

it's the first week into my rotation, and i have already:
- cursed my medical school for mixing up my rotations

- been scolded for not knowing anything (many many times)

- impressed the prof by knowing what "orthopaedics" means ("straight child")

- diagnosed a ganglion (purely by hearing what it is from my friends and having no prior knowledge)
- been labelled an airhead by 2 tutors at least (not a good sign obviously)
- fallen asleepy in a tutorial (of which i thought i was doing a good job hiding it, until my tutor pointed out that i was very obvious, much to my mortification)
- sat through a sodding boring lecture that was accompanied by a wonderful free lunch (thank you drug companies!)

- been coolly backstabbed by my best friend of 9 years, who feigns ignorance
- managed to perform knee examinations 3 times, all of them wrong ("you're not giving him a skin massage!!!! grab his tibia!")
- become utterly dependent on coffee for rounds at 730 am. (sigh eyebags)
- memorised my way around the hospital (go me!)

as you can see, i'm the proudest of the last point.

but still, it's great to be back in the OT. i live for the OT, i love scrubbing in, i love breathing the sterile air. first OT day is tomorrow and i'm really really pysched up! :D

which reminds me that i need to buy OT footwear. the present ones in the hospital are really disgusting and smelly, i doubt they've been washed in yonks. ewwww.
now, to learn fractures and knee/hip replacements!
ortho is wayyyy harder than i thought it would be. sigh.