Sunday, June 10, 2007

so the much awaited holidays are finally finally finally here! (and did i mention FINALLY)

and against my better judgement, i gave in and went for hip-hop class. thank goodness i did, i never enjoyed it as much as i have that night. some play music, others play computer games, some sing, some run, some dance. we all de-stress in our own ways :)
and realising that i'm one of the best in the class made me so high (ego trip! ego trip!) that it even spurred me to open my big fat mouth and shove my 2 big feet right in by offering to teach them jazz as well, to widen their dance perspective. now, i do NOT do jazz well. i do NOT do jazz! so why am i offering. the only thing i can do is cheerleading, which is NOT jazz, it's not even dance! cripes :( but i've made my bed and i'll have to lie in it, so i'd better quickly go grab one of my jazz-dancing maniac friends and learn something more substanstial. oh dear.
going to the home to teach the residents dance woke me up from my priviledged life, if only a little, but i can safely say that i'd like to continue. and now i'm shopping for a street jazz class :)

and boy, have i indulged myself. gym sessions, waking up late, massages, endless chocolate and non-stop playing of csi, house, greys and ER. this is life!!!
so as i'm off to camp (groan groan groan) with a bunch of kiddos in a futile attempt to play mentor to them, i wish you all fun too! :)