Wednesday, March 21, 2007

cheerleading nationals!

so exams have ended for now, and i'm back to breathing the sterile air of the wards once more! i feel extremely grateful that exams are over, yet at the same time, i've forgotten what it's like to see patients again. it's a good thing i'm doing pyschiatry now, it's got a lot of patient interaction so i can slowly take my time to reacquaint myself with the bedside.

am excited!!! cheerleading nationals are here again. will be good seeing other teams and how we match up, we have worked hard. that's not saying i'm good, rather, on the contrary. i think i've put in the least effort in my squad, what with juggling medical studies and all. which also means that i'm doing the least stunts and the least glamorous positions.

but to put it in perspective, i'm happy to be still cheerleading! looking at my fellow sufferers in med school, so precious few of them even have hobbies other than going out and going to hospital. this is what's left of my university life and i'm determined to hang onto it for as long as i can. after all, i'm still a student, although a medical student. and if it means performing a juggling routine, i'm game to try it for as long as i can, as long as it means that i'm not short-changing my future patients. it's not easy, but i won't know till i try. and if others can juggle other sports, why not me and cheerleading?

after all, you don't want a doctor who does nothing but study all day would you? it's not good for mental health ;)

but i'm also looking forward to the end of this, so i can start dancing and running again. the break will be good, no more getting home late at night and trying to read up furiously for the next day, squeezing into 30 minutes what others have 3 hours to do. it's tiring and trying, and it takes a lot out of me. but it also makes me stronger, and i'm sure i'll have more mental strength to last through med school and beyond because of this.

although right now i must say, with 2 reports looming over my head and lack of sleep beckoning and with posting exams arriving, it's all really horrible right now. i feel as though i'm walking under water during classes, and my response (or lack of) is equally slow. sleep sure sounds fabulous right now, but it's not something i can quite afford. and i haven't been shopping properly in AGES. geeeee.

right now, coffee (in truckloads please! or iv caffeine!) is my saviour. in the morning, i MUST have one before ward rounds start, or else i won't be able to answer any questions. it's becoming an addiction i have to get rid off. :(

pyschiatry is pretty interesting! but more on that another time. report beckons.

i feel proud of the fact, that despite me being the only medical student on the squad and having the least time for trainings, i am still the only one who can do this jump:

it means i haven't fallen too far from standards! :)

everyone, please wish me luck! thank you very much :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

it's a sad day

dr barb has stopped blogging, and it's a sad day indeed. she was my inspiration, my hope that yes, i could one day make it to surgery, and that women CAN do it all. and still stand tall in their stilettoes whilst doing it all.

good day dr barb. i'll miss you. =(