Thursday, April 12, 2007

am on A&E/ emergent rotation right now. it's helluva tiring and i need sleep! =( i miss psych already!

but emed is wayyyyyyy fun and i'm loving it. i'm awake when i'm on the floor and i just have such a good time! my iv setting skills are better than my groupmates (despite me having the least practice in surgery posting - that's what you get for being a type b person - you get shoved aside easily by the many hungry types As lurking by your side) and i can't help but feel a little smug over that. i even feel like shouting:" HERE"S TO YOU SUCKERS!!!!" when they can't get an iv in even though it's mean, i know. but having been shoved aside perpetually, it's just a rush of repression! heh.

but that aside, i love emed. so far i haven't learnt much, but it's been alot of fun. suturing, blood drawing, setting ivs, reading ECGs.

and soon, you begin to think: hey, this is the life i could lead!

for now, posts will be slow and trickling, depending on how much sleep i get on the floor.

and to angry medic: i passed my test!!!! hooray! i really thought i would fail. how's your exams!

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