Monday, April 2, 2007

am smack in the middle of psychiatry posting right now, with a test to be sat for come mid-week. psychiatry, has been as i have expected. i adore it!

it's probably the most interesting posting ever, where else would you get to listen to people all day and hear the most fantastic stories ever? and it's such a wonderful lifestyle, psychiatrists never rush from one place to the next. they wake up comparatively later and end early, by 5 pm. and they do get plenty of sleep on call!

it's simply fascinating and i'm enjoying it hugely. some would disagree with me and say that: oh it's such a crap career. we can't do anything for these patients. but to the patients, to have someone to hear them out without judging, is the best thing you can do. they suffer so much, more than others with "acceptable" diseases and illnesses, for it's only what goes on in their heads. there may not even be anything physically wrong with them.

somehow, i couldn't help but think back of dr dork and shiny happy person whilst i was clerking. it's amazing how pervasive the blogosphere is becoming in my life, and how easily i link all these things together, with almost no thought at all given.

i do like psych very very much. but i don't know if i can handle the emotional drain every day from feeling so much for my patients. i'm very emotional and i'm more likely to sit there and cry with the patient rather than telling them to get out and snap out of it.

on another note: another year in cheerleading has come to an end! we've done our best and i'm happy although we didn't win, i'm happy with myself for nailing every stunt i did. it's probably my last year so i'm glad to end it on a happy note for myself. we'll see how things go schedule-wise for next year before i commit to another year of brutal training! but life has been good.

to kim: no i'm a base too! high fivc! :D basing is such fun, i feel strong. hoho


Dr Dork said...

Glad to hear you're enjoying your psych term. Reading between the lines, your posting suggests a knack for communication as well as empathy. Careful of your boundaries - for both yourself and your patients.

I hardly ever slept on call in my psych days...maybe it's something in the water here...

Shiny Happy Person said...

I'm really glad you're enjoying it, too. It can be an emotional drain, but don't let that put you off. You sound as if you'd be a great asset to the profession. I'm extraordinarily emotional, but usually manage to use that to the best advantage in work, ie by harnessing it into passion and determination. Being too UNemotional is far more of a negative, I think.

And I hardly ever sleep on my on calls either! It seems the optimum time for going crazy and/or taking an overdose and landing yourself in the emergency dept is about 3am.