Monday, May 28, 2007

it's just one more week to my end-of-posting test and it'll be term-break! i can't wait. it's been wayyyyyyyy too long since i've had a proper break! :)

my friend has asked me to join her in her hip-hop class, it's something i'd love to do. especially since they're combining it with charity work, by performing for homes and stuff. it's killing 2 birds with one stone! i get to feel good about doing charity work and i get to dance. how wonderful!

(not that i ever took ballet, i was horrendous at it - even managed to get myeslf kicked out from class says alot about my standards, doesn't it?)

i never knew how good i was at dance till i joined cheerleading. i always figured that i definitely wasn't amongst the best few, but i sure hoped i wasn't among the last few. somewhere in between cut it just nice. but in cheerleading, under the tutelage of the more accomplished dancers, i suddenly realised how much i've improved. i could handle virtually any dance steps you throw at me, despite how little time i had to prepare compared to the rest of the squad.

and i became good enough to even correct them and show them how it should be done. i never knew. the things you can do, if you have people who're willing to take a chance on you! such people are heaven-sent. truly.

i'd like to say it opened my eyes to a whole new world of dance, and of course that i took up the offer to dance in the hiphop group.

but that's not the way life works, and too many things conspire to keep me from dancing.

first of which would be my next rotation of OB/GYN. =( of which i am most definitely NOT looking forward to. where i'm headed is notorious for tutors who hate teaching, anal-retentive professors, nurses who routinely shove medical students out of the way for their own nursing students to do deliveries instead, fussy patients and basically, being treated like scum of the earth.
but i've always loved OB/GYN, and despite all that, i'm going to try and make it work. after all, if i haven't experienced it for myself, i'm not going to know, am i? so here's to catching as many sweet babies as possible and entering the OT as much as i can! :)

and there's still the next bunch of cheerleaders to deal with. squad politics are never nice. always nasty. and not easily resolved. i'm not sure if i'm committing to Nationals next year, i don't know if i have the time and energy to coach and train at the same time, and still deal with politics.

maybe if i quit cheerleading i'll have time for dance. then again, there's so many other sports i could do!

meantime, it'll just have to wait. first, the test, then term break here i come! :)


Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Enjoy the hip hop!! I love trying out new dance classes!!
Hope that OB/GYN is better than you expect -- I can't wait to deliver a baby :)

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Clean freak? Huh? Ummm... you're going to have to explain this one to me I'm afraid :)

The Angry Medic said...

Awww...when I saw the ballet pic I was worried I'd stumbled upon Xavi's blog by mistake instead. Must be all that caffeine still draining out of my system.

And yep, O&G's hell but really educational and enjoyable if you want it to be. Good luck, and make sure you tell us loads and loads of stories (if only to make me very, VERY jealous).