Sunday, July 1, 2007

so school starts again, back to the wards we are!

and i'm doing orthopaedics now. grumble grumble grumble. (instead of OB/GYN as orignially planned due to a stupid mix up in the admin department) i should really have lifted weights over the holidays in preparation for gruelling exams on knees on guys twice my size.

and i can forget about wearing dresses and heels this rotation because orthopaedics requires sheer brute force :\
at least i still get to wear make-up! unfortunately the early mornings have all but killed my affinity for my make-up bag, and as a result, i look hideous. i'm too lazy to even wear my contact lenses!

it's the first week into my rotation, and i have already:
- cursed my medical school for mixing up my rotations

- been scolded for not knowing anything (many many times)

- impressed the prof by knowing what "orthopaedics" means ("straight child")

- diagnosed a ganglion (purely by hearing what it is from my friends and having no prior knowledge)
- been labelled an airhead by 2 tutors at least (not a good sign obviously)
- fallen asleepy in a tutorial (of which i thought i was doing a good job hiding it, until my tutor pointed out that i was very obvious, much to my mortification)
- sat through a sodding boring lecture that was accompanied by a wonderful free lunch (thank you drug companies!)

- been coolly backstabbed by my best friend of 9 years, who feigns ignorance
- managed to perform knee examinations 3 times, all of them wrong ("you're not giving him a skin massage!!!! grab his tibia!")
- become utterly dependent on coffee for rounds at 730 am. (sigh eyebags)
- memorised my way around the hospital (go me!)

as you can see, i'm the proudest of the last point.

but still, it's great to be back in the OT. i live for the OT, i love scrubbing in, i love breathing the sterile air. first OT day is tomorrow and i'm really really pysched up! :D

which reminds me that i need to buy OT footwear. the present ones in the hospital are really disgusting and smelly, i doubt they've been washed in yonks. ewwww.
now, to learn fractures and knee/hip replacements!
ortho is wayyyy harder than i thought it would be. sigh.

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Calavera said...

Arrgh, what a shite thing to happen - about your friend doing the backstabbing, I meant.

And 'straight child?!' Who knew...?