Friday, October 19, 2007

horror upon horrors! have realised am going to miss the rugby world cup finals because will travelling :( oh sadness. my heart is breaking! i can only pray where i'm traipsing to has cable. if not, i will be one heartbroken girl.

and yes cal, jonny wilkinson TOTALLY wins! :)

but holidays have been fabulous. even if i only have a 1 day break in between trips - i would much rather do this than go to clinics ANYDAY. am so terrible! definitely not your typical med student!

where i just came from :)

am looking forward to my next holiday tomorrow, hopefully it'll be as fabulous as the 1st! :)

meantime, please keep safe and enjoy yourselves! :) if you're jealous, just think, in 1 week's time, i will be back slogging away in the wards again. so there ;)


Calavers said...


That sad face was because of the rugby final.

:( :( :(

And how comes you get to go off on all of these holidays??

Jessica said...

Look I got a gmail account!
I have not seen him, actually that's a lie. I saw his ad. :)

Hope you are having a fabulous vacation!!!