Friday, April 11, 2008

and right after i put my big, fat foot down and decide, once and for all which specialty i'm interested in, today, i encounter something that just about cements it :)

i was in the ex-premmie clinic today at the big city hospital, because my tutor runs clinics both there and at the women/baby hospital. so she kindly treated us to lunch and gave us a lift there! how lovely she is, really :D i adore her to bits!

and whilst she was talking to the parents, my friend, P, and i will interest ourselves by playing with the babies and doing a developmental assessment as best as we can on them :)

and today, whilst we were seeing a pair of twins, i was happily playing with the younger one, when she just reached out and grabbed my little finger tightly and refused to let go. there is seriously no better feeling on this earth than having your hand held by a little one. such is the power of unconditional love! :D

OB/GYN, i say :)


The two weeks on a trolley team said...

The grasp reflex. Totally the best thing in the world.

Go with it. Do paeds. It's a great specialty.

Lots of stress, but lots of coolness.

Dr. Thunder

The Shrink said...

Not paediatrics or neonatology?

Liana said...

Wow. I haven't read your blog in a while, and reading this entry, I totally thought you had decided on peds.

Ms-Ellisa said...

*what shrink says*