Thursday, April 17, 2008

i'm leaving for india in less than 24 hours!

will blog if i get the chance to :D

meantime, stay safe and have lots of love! :D

tlm - all the bestest with your finals!
jess - see your email :)
xavier - all the bestest for your exams!
harry - continue enjoying yourself in clinicals :)
ms-ellisa - hope that ankle gets better soon, poor girl
cal - i hope your Bsc is wonderful!
dragonfly - enjoy your gyming! :D

shrink - keep smiling, i love your blog!
liana - you're almost an attending! so exciting :)


Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Oooohhh, INDIA! That's SO COOL! Enjoy yourself :)

The Shrink said...

Have a fantastic time :)

the little medic said...

Awww, thanks!

Have a really great time!

tracy said...

I n d i a ....WOW!!!! Sooooo cool, have a wonderful time! Enjoy!
Best, tracy

Dragonfly said...

Ahhh....the land of Fooooooood. I am mildly green.

HM said...

awww thankyou!

Have an awesome time in India, and do tell us all about it when you get a chance.

jessica said...


Have fun!!!

Ms-Ellisa said...

Have an awesome time!!! :-D

*Post photos*