Tuesday, April 8, 2008

i'm so super sleepy, having just watched "oliver twist". that is one mighty cute boy! i'd love to kidnap him home - the eyes alone would do me in.

that aside, the last of my internal medicine remedial is safely over, with an mcq test (in which they repeated more than half the questions!).

so now, i only have 2 weeks of child development left to get through before i fly off! :D i can't begin to tell you how excited i am about flying off!!!

child development has been boring - because i'm not learning anything. we spend most of our time sitting by a small computer screen straining to hear what's going on in the room (we're watching through a camera on the ceiling in the next room) whilst the pyschologist asks questions.

forgive me, but honestly, i didn't ask for this elective to learn pyschology, i took it to learn about ADHD, ASD, CP etc. behavioural paediatrics.
thankfully, we're going into the real clinic tomorrow to play with the kids (and hopefully brush up on our developmental assessments as well!) and that should be alot more interesting.
note to self: BRING COFFEE

i went back to my last hospital on friday to attend grand rounds, it proved mighty fascinating (we saw a video of a laparoscopic AAA repair, congenital malrotation of the gut and others!). and then, my MO stepped up to present a case, and it sounded familiar - i realised it was the poor guy who came in with a perforated viscus and was throwing up blood that i saw in the A&E!

as my MO said the words,"inserted a foley", he turned to me and WINKED. omg i could have died on the spot. how lovely. but it was good to know the poor guy was alright! :D


Dreaming again said...

Hi, found you through Bongi. I've just decided to go back to school to become a psychologist. Can't wait for developmental psych! :) your post made me smile!

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