Sunday, July 27, 2008

internship, 3

andddd the postcards have been dispatched! :D

many thanks to those of you who replied :) hopefully nothing gets lost in the mail, and no worries, everything will stay with me and only me (except the postman who sees it!).

week wise, i've done 2 calls, the 2nd of which was a total and complete farce. i had 6 hours of sleep (from 1am to 7 am, undisturbed! amazing) and my intern slept 5 hours from 1+ to 6+. really amazing call. there was nothing to do! and she could even teach me!
which was kind of good because i was so tired already. but my first call was hectic, i was running around trying to do blood cultures. who knew so many people would spike fevers on a monday night?
and i had to sweet-talk this poor old lady into letting me set a plug into her tiny non-existent veins, and with my lousy luck, all the teensy yellow plugs (26 G) were ALL GONE :( so i used a 23 G plug and had to jab her 3 times before i finally stuck a vein. WHEW. i was all ready to run out to my intern screaming at 3 am in the morning if i couldn't do it, but thankfully, it went in.
i did have to run out crying for help when i walked into the room of a young teenaged girl with ulcerative colitis who was crying piteously, and her mum was standing there giving me the evil eye and i just felt SO SMALL AND TINY AND UNSURE :( thankfully my intern was super understanding and nice, and charmed his way into letting the poor girl be jabbed. whew.

strokes are getting familiar to me, although i still can't localise for bloddy 2 cents worth. but at least i can tell you if it's cortical or subcortical so that's an improvement i guess! :)

i did weekend rounds alone with my attending, FRIGHTFUL. i had no idea what i was doing half the time, i didn't know scat about my patients cos i was post-call and highly sleepy, and i'd totally forgotten my orthopaedics and couldn't present the pelvic x ray he asked me too, after which i got totally owned by him despite him not having done ortho in 10 years. UH UH :( not good!

i'm sad to be leaving, i've only got 1 week left! :( my ward intern is really sweet and nice, the residents are helpful and teach loads too. things are good :D

best to make the most of this last week! :)


Dragonfly said...

I have this feeling that in my 2nd last year I should be able to localise a bit better.....but I can't. More on the list of things to study before finals and learn before being given a license to prescribe.

Ms-Ellisa said...

I can't localise either...

and adding a "maybe" to every sentence doesn't help either.