Thursday, November 20, 2008

medicine revision, 1

2nd week of medicine revision posting now (out of 6), and the countdown begins in earnest. there's 12.5 weeks of school left, 2 weeks study break, and then the end of the beginning is here. medical school is a long road (compared to other degrees), but we've only just begun!

i can most safely say i will be extremely sad and sorry to see my undergraduate days behind me.

12.5 weeks. and then it's make or break.

i have only 12.5 weeks to brush up on clinical skills, to perfect my examinations and differentials and presentations to a level for passing (hey, i'm not aiming for distinctions here!). i want to be a safe doctor, a good doctor. so i'll work hard. but i think that half the stuff we're tested on is pointless and useless.

i'm still getting scolded left right and centre for my gross lack of knowledge and ineptitude. sigh :(
take today for a case in point - the opening stem was "this man complains of intermittent joint pain. please examine his legs"
i just went ?????!!!!!! in my brain and proceeded to try to wing it with an ortho exam, trying to incorporate what little of rheumato i remembered. and was told by my tutor - " you'll fail if this is MBBS" :(
to think my group mates got easy stuff like hand and neuro exams :( oh well but at least i'll have a better idea of what to do now, i guess.

8 minutes for examining and presenting sounds like a mighty short time, i have no idea how we're going to do it, but like generations before us, we'll survive somehow :\

may more mid-diastolic murmurs come my way! (although i did hear plenty in india, i can't really hear them anyway) and may all the patients for MBBS please be admitted in the remaning 4 weeks so they'll be called back for exams well :P

12.5 weeks!!!!

angry, it's good to hear from you that you're alive! :) hope you're enjoying clinics!

and dearest dragonfly, i hope you're safe in whereever you were going to from rurality :)

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Dragonfly said...

Why thank you. Safe and sound (though with just a tinge of stress about money....accommodation turned out slightly more expensive, as always).
Hope your study goes well.