Friday, January 30, 2009

guitar hero

i received a bit of a shock over the week, not sure whether the news is good or bad but i'm choosing to look on the bright side for now! :)

lately my group of friends and i (and almost everyone i know) seems to be addicted to wii's guitar heroes! :) most fabulous. except that being ditzy (by name and nature) me, i am constantly making a fool of myself on the songs :\ doesn't help that i'm tone deaf as well!
but it's great fun to sit around and watch as people get disinhibited and start yowling and wailing over songs such as livin' on prayer (my favourite!), complete with hitting the high notes ;)

i introduced my parents to wii - and my mother promptly whupped my dad in wii tennis almost effortlessly! that left my dad grumbling lots (i guess men's egos are big huh) and being rather unhappy - until he thrashed my mum at wii golf. hahahaha. boys will be boys i suppose.

on the medical side, we've started infectious diseases and it's only the 2nd posting that i really quite dislike :(
i don't quite mind the HIV patients, the STDs etc. it's really the whole infection control thing that gets me - it's so super inconvenient and scary - i detest the thought of carrying MRSA or VRE. as a result, i'm obsessive-compulsive about washing my hands and cleaning my stethoscope between patients and it's so time consuming cos i really really wash them :\

ID physicians are incredibly and their knowledge of lab results - after all, their diagnoses depend almost solely on lab results sometimes!
but i have to admit i was stunned when an attending lecturing us managed to give percentages of symptoms of how patients might present.
for example: nausea is present in 50%, and vomiting and diarrhoea in 30%.
he went on to do this for each and every symptom!!!!
granted, it's only rough percentages, but me, i have problem remembering all the symptoms, let alone the percentages!!! gracious.

today, attending (same as above) asked me, " so what are the causes of malignancy responsible for pyrexia of unknown origin that are not blood cancers?"
all i could stupidly say was, "ummm, solid organ tumours?"
i think he wasn't happy with my dumbness and gave me a scathing look. oops.
and sadly, there is no happy ending to this story - i didn't get a chance to redeem myself. it feels like geriatrics all over again (except there was a happy ending in that one!) :(

3 weeks left in clinicals, 2 weeks of study break and the BIG ONE arriveth :(
just as well i guess, rather than being in a state of eternal limbo!

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