Monday, April 20, 2009

internship coming up

posting results are out today! i have gotten one of the postings of my choice, and i'm right pleased with it :)

OB/GYN, coming right up my way! :) 4 months of women and babies, i think i'm going to love it to bits.

the people posted there with me are mostly nice, all aquaintences (but then again, given my reputation for being gossip girl, i think there's hardly anyone in medical school whom i don't at least say hi to), well, minus ONE person who has an incredibly bad rep.

let's call this ONE person Prawn. he's arrogant, pushes people around, and doesn't ask for things nicely. he takes on responsibility and runs from it at the last minute. he has grandiose ideas and comes across as really impressive but in reality, he can't carry them out.
but he also has some good points, like being generous, i have to admit.

we'll see how it goes, hopefully he'll have turned over a new leaf!
but i'm not going to let that spoil my enthusiasm for OB/GYN. it's time to dig out the books for some refresher courses on how to read a CTG and what to do if there's primary PPH etc.


ps. i'll be moving over to soon :)


Ms-Ellisa said...

Here's to a fresh start and a happy rotation!

I'm in OB/Gyn too at the moment, I love the women and the babies, but some of the doctors are very rude.

Hope you don't experience that too.

XE said...

Oooh, how exciting!! Congrats Ditzy! So, is this an internship to become an Ob/Gyn then, or is it a general internship? (Sorry, I'm not quite sure how your system works there!)

Dragonfly said...

Congratulations!! Look forward to your new blog.

Arps said...

Good luck with ObGyn..
Hope u deliver loads of healthy babies..