Tuesday, April 28, 2009

not studying

i have an ACLS test tomorrow and i'm not studying, instead i'm surfing blogs. oops!!!

on the bright side, today was my first day shadowing! delivery suite is interesting.
my intern is a generally nice guy, not particularly warm or welcoming but i'll take a person like him over others i could mention any day!
he taught me a fair bit of stuff, reassured me that i wouldn't need much OB/GYN knowledge to survive this posting (hahahahaha), told me which attendings to call and which to avoid, and how to listen to the nurses (esp the senior midwives!).

i got to see an episiotomy (OMG, i think i need to start wearing my specs, i couldn't see a thing amidst all the blood and i was terrified of getting blood into my eyes. specs from now on!) and well, i hope i learn pretty quick so i can do a neat one instead of a messy one - v impt for women!!!

there's a lot to learn, but basically we're glorified clerks and must learn all the paperwork and form-filling.
other advice was to read up on medicine and surgery during this time so as not to forget! v impt, i say! :D

short work days, 5 day work weeks :) i'm happy!

i start with day surgery - meaning i admit all patients for elective surgery, more glorified form filling and blood drawing. hmmmm. but work should be pretty easy, i just need to get my forms straight.

and my first call is on a public holiday :\ rather depressed but hopefully i'll have a day off in lieu of this :D

i feel rather bad for the residents, because of our "newness" and lack of everything, they're forced to do step down calls to fill our shoes and to help us out, esp in the delivery suite! :\ seniors, your help is really really deeply appreciated.


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