Sunday, November 26, 2006

ah first post. it's always special, isn't it, the first time?

the motivation to start this stemmed from the amount of things i have to say each day, even if it's been a boring day, with no interesting cases or good tutorials in the wards. every day, you learn something. good or bad. and i realise the need for writing it down somewhere so i don't forget. as with every other med student, my hand hurts from scribbling frantically during tutorials and so here we go!

clinical years have been nothing short of fascinating so far, even if i am chronically bored and terrified of approaching patients and getting rejected in my pathetic attempts to clerk them. but there have been several whom i absolutely adore, and there have been those who have made my day.we all crave human contact, do we not? it is inherently a part of us, without it, we die a little every day. i wonder how those marooned on desert islands survive (if such a thing actually exists - i'm sure it did at some point in the history of man!)

this blog is as much a tribute to my patients as it is a catharsis for me. so if you're reading this, rest assured that there's much more to come!

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Sid Schwab said...

Welcome to the blogosphere; I look forward to your future posts. Meanwhile, I just stumbled on your post on my blog: for some deeply annoying reason, I rarely get notified when there's a new comment. Thanks for dropping by, and I'm glad the post resonated for you.