Wednesday, December 6, 2006

it's been a long while since i've updated!

we've just had our first tutorial in what feels like a really long time - 2 long cases, neither of which i clerked. it makes me realise how low my standards are compared to the others in my bunch, and that i really ought to buck up and pull up my socks to catch up. medicine isn't about competing, i know, but really, not being as smart and hardworking as everyone else is really a terrible thing. i resolve to start working harder for the patients i'm going to treat in the future! (but of course, i always say this and forget so please do remind me)

had clinic with the head of paeds today. i am astounded by his friendliness and warmth. he actually cares for his patients beyond his clinic! he was telling the child's parents to bring him out to see the christmas sights. wow.

this is what i aspire to be, something more than the usual doctors. someone who knows the meaning of human contact and the value it brings.

but to get there first i need my theoretical knowledge - which means i'd better start studying! there's an exam in 1.5 weeks. i'm so dead!

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