Wednesday, January 10, 2007

so we're here again! long time no blog, i've been trying to squeeze as much fun stuff into my pathetic holidays as i can, to make up for the lack of time. whoever said the lack of rest only started as an intern must have been joking. it starts when you enter medical school!!!

am plunged headlong into project now, we're heading to the suburbs to conduct surveys on health. rejection rates are extremely high, sadly so, and which means that it might bias our results. (response bias) i hope it'll come out alright! it's not really pleasant getting doors slammed in your face, but haven't gotten any slammed into my fingers yet, so that'll do for now. gotta look on the bright side!

it's another month to go before project wraps up, i'm wondering how we can finish it at this rate. mmmm. maybe we'll even get it published - how exciting can that be! wish me luck :)

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The Angry Medic said...

Someone actually SAID lack of rest only started as an intern? They must have been brain-damaged. Which, if they were med students, is not surprising.

Keep thinking positive about that survey!