Tuesday, January 16, 2007

we're almost done! after having slaved away trying to sweet-talk various gents and ladies into taking our survey, we've almost reached the target number required for our study. and the best part is, we've managed to increase our response rate by a new formula! which makes the study more credible (i hope).

i can't say i feel much for this study, it's not something i feel will be of much use but whatever's worth doing is worth doing well, isn't it?

it was brought up to me (by a secret source, of course! - how thrilling this sounds, like a spy novel. hoho) that some one in our group is even more disinterested than i am, to the point that they're faking survey answers. cripes!!!! that would COMPLETELY ruin the whole credibility of the study (not that there was much to begin with actually, but that's another story!) i have no qualms about faking answers (i actually did that for a project when i was much younger - MUCH), but i don't think that should be done when the rest of your group is slaving away trying to procure actual answers. in the project when i faked everything, we laid all cards on the table and agreed to fake it together as we felt the project was pointless. and we had a brilliant time doing it too!

but in this case: i take offense because it demeans the amount of work i, and so many others have put in. we do our best to sweet-talk/persuade/hard-sell/soft-sell, and try so many tactics to get a response, like lurking at the postboxes/mailboxes/at their doors/pretending to be salesmen and then coming back as students/writing letters etc etc etc. and to see our hard work go down the drain if they do fake results, is simply heartbreaking. i have developed blisters and peeling skin and twisted my ankle in the name of this study, and you are telling me you can't be bothered to even try???

pfffttttttt. i cannot believe it.

i know i sound hoity-toity here, am sorry. it's just that, like i said - anything worth doing is worth doing well isn't it?
there's probably a whole multitude of reasons why they are doing so, i don't blame them. i just need to rant and let off steam. RARRRR.

besides! our group leader has already had a word with them and they've agreed to give their best so we can overwrite those faked survey forms! hooray, that is good news!

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