Thursday, January 25, 2007

project is almost done! a few things left before we're done with it for good, thank goodness. wading through endless data and trying to figure out the analysis system for someone as computer impaired as i am is no joke. my sister says i must belong to the stone age since i am hopeless at anything to do with computers. which amazes her that i have a blog at all!

was coming out of toilet last week when i met my pharmacology lecturer who's a really sweet lady. she thought was someone else (called me the wrong name, darnit! - i was quite disappointed! but am not smart/pretty/notorious/etc enough for me to be memorable to her), and we got to talking about my hearing problem. i thought that was rather funny, it's something few people notice unless, like me, you've been trained to notice this kind of thing - which means that:
a) you're an ENT doc
b) you're wearing a hearing aid too
c) you know someone who's wearing a hearing aid
d) you're paranoid you're going deaf and think you'll need a hearing aid soon
e) you're v observant!
f) you've a fetish for hearing aid wearers
g) you're plain odd

and she's a practising psychiatrist on top of being a pharmacology lecturer, so she's definitely not a). and i didn't see her wearing one, so that rules out b). so i chose c). and turns out i was right! her niece is someone whom i really look up too, someone who gives me hope that yes, despite my hearing problem, i can do it too. i can be the doctor i've always aspired to be! if she can do it, so can i! what inspiration! am really delighted to find that out!

and my prof was so sweet about it too - she offered to put us in contact and keep me updated about the latest steths to come in that might help me.

i've been really encouraged by this chance meeting - serendipity i believe!- and i hope it'll spur me on, and keep my spirits up when things seem so bad, when i can't tell whether there is a murmur at all, or even breath sounds. others seem to have it so easy!

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Gledwood said...

Hypersomnia...!? I get that. Have had that and insomnia for years...

Good luck with your studies. You must be well brainy to be in med school.