Sunday, January 28, 2007

whoa i can finally blog here from home! for some unknown reason blogger always hangs on my home computer so i'm forced to blog only from hall. which is irritating! RARRRRR.

anyway we've gotten into a bit of a hoo-hah over exam timings regarding some admin matters. since we've expressly been ordered not to air our dirty linen in public i'll have to wait till it all blows over before some v choice things can be said with regards to this issue. mmmm. till then, we'll just have to wait and see how it goes!

i wish i could say more, but unfortunately am not in hospital right now so have less entertaining tales. so will have to make do with yakking on about community medicine, which puts me to sleep. whenever we have comm medicine lectures, it seems like half the medical student population disappears to the depths of the library to study "more invigorating subjects", ie. stuff they view as being more impt as compared to comm medicine, which is "largely common sense" !

i, on the other hand, being convinced that lectures are good for you and hating to miss them, merely sit calmly in my seat, stay awake and look like the good student that i'm supposed to be (of which i am obviously NOT if not i wouldn't be writing this blog!), and urm, succumb to the monster of hypersomnia in oh, the 1st 5 slides. which leaves me with a neckache and a puddle of drool (eurgh) after the lecture is over. darn. another lecture wasted!
and to put it another way - that means i still have no clue how to interpret journal articles and studies and all that jazz - i haven't been paying attention in evidence-based medicine lectures at all. RARRRR. i need to wake up and smell some roses, it's certainly the most impt thing in comm medicine!!! geez. to think i did statistics for A levels and now i can't remember a thing about them p values and chi-squares.

exams are headed soon, it's time to buckle down to learning drugs and stats. whoopie!

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