Saturday, November 3, 2007

am back! and most sadly, have started school :(


but i've had good trips so i'm happy! can't ask for too much eh.

i managed to catch the rugby world cup finals (albeit a delayed telecast!) and was HORRENDOUSLY DISAPPOINTED.


ok, i know it's not their fault, but arghhh. i was so rooting for england to win!

alright enough of that!

like i said, i'm back in the hospital now, and am looking into the windows of people's souls.

so opthalmology isn't that boring after all! unfortunately, am as blind as bat. whilst everyone else seems to have no problem using a fundoscope to see lovely beautiful optic discs that are hyperaemic/cupped/elevated margins/pale etc etc, i have problem even seeing the blood vessels of the eyes. :( am a complete utter failure at this. i can't even tell if the blood vessels lead to optic discs, and have blinded several patients with my (borrowed) fundoscope by now, i'm sure, with the blindingly bright light i use.

fortunately, a nice resident told me to steal some pupil dilators (short acting) from the clinics, and to go home and dilate my family member's pupils before bed and to see their eyes. teehee. will be trying that out soon, and i'm keeping my fingers crossed in hope that i finally do succeed! :)

going to the OR and being allowed to look down the zeiss microscope during a cataract surgery (a phacoemulsification) was THE BEST THING EVER! i can see just why people fall in love with opthalmology. the clarity of the images, the delicacy of the surgeries, and the feeling of satisfaction when the lens slides in place; you just know that you've done something incredible and helped this man/woman get sight back.

AHHHHH. the miracles of modern medicine! incredible.

also saw a botox jab to relieve a facial spasm. also incredible.

but botox is so freaking expensive! 300 for unilateral crow's feet, and 400 for unilat upper eyelid jabs. eeks. plus you've to redo them every 6 months or so.

eye candy abounds in this department, no doubt. the guys have been trying their darndest not to drool at all the lovely females around, most of whom would be considered v pretty by most standards.

in the male eye candy department, it is rather lacking, sadly! but i've found one who more than makes up for it. he's earnest, kind, and willing to sign my attendance so i can go off early. OOPS. and he's so geeky cute! i'm such a sucker for geeky guys who're cute. suffice to say he's the reason i drag myself to early morning clinics when i'd otherwise be at home sleeping. and meeting him in the OR was the best thing ever! :)

oh dear. i realise how pathetic that sounds. but it'll be over soon, we're moving on!

all in all, i don't think i'm going to do opthalmology though, it's too narrowed and sub-specialised for me. i think i'd lose interest quickly.

one more week! and then i move to another glamourous specialty. but tests and reports await first :(

i can safely say that otolaryngology interests me far far FAR more than opthalmology. bring on the scopes and hearing devices!


AlunW said...

Good choice, otolaryngology is one of the best specialties IMHO. You get a huge variety of patients and disorders, you get to do loads of inpatient and outpatient procedures, and to use lots of exciting instrumetns, and you get to collaborate with all sorts of exciting people: cancer teams, audiologists, SALTs, general surgeons (also an excellent specialty) thoracic surgeons, endocrinologists etc.

Ms-Ellisa said...

We will be studying Opthalmology next semester, I can only hope that I'll like it half as much as you do- it would keep me satisfied, I'll tell you... Eyes seem boring and intimidating to me at the same time.


savante said...

You prefer ENT to eye? :O But they have gunk coming out from the throat and ears. EEEk!

Reason enough to stay far away from all that in anaesthesiology.

HospitalPhoenix said...

An excellent choice, ditzydoc... otolaryngology is a great specialty.

Savante - if you don't like gunk then I'd suggest psychiatry as a career, not anaesthetics! Ever intubated someone with a big necrotic laryngeal cancer? How about some cheesy gooey tonsils?