Friday, November 16, 2007


thank the sweet Lord above for merciful grace!

although i didn't quite do as well as i'd hoped (i'm in the bottom half of the class), and this quite puts a rethink to my OB/GYN dreams, i'm happy :)

passing was what i asked for, and passing is what i have received :) shouldn't be greedy!

next time, i will work harder. but then, what's the point in burning out so early?

my mantra has always been:


and i'll keep it that way :)

FOR NOW: OB/GYN is over!!!!! but i'm still applying for a rotation in it no matter what - delivering babies is truly thrilling, and i can't get enough!


Xavier Emmanuelle said...


jessica said...

I'm so happy for you!!!
Go (are we suppose to call you ditzy? or Ditzy Doc??) YOU!!!

jessica said...

IN fact. I'm going to go celebrate for you!!! PARTAY!!!!

ditzydoctor said...

thank you jess and xavi! :) am thrilled!

ah just ditzy will do ;) the cost of writing under a pseudonym!

i hope your exams went wellllll!!!! :D

jessica said...

So I had a very fun time celebrating you passing your OB/GYN exam.

Lots of fun. But I think it would have been more fun ( funner??) if there was someone else to celebrate with :)