Thursday, November 22, 2007

my paeds elective just got cancelled! :(

and i have and ENT test tomorrow that i haven't studied for yet. :(

can my life get any worse?

pardon the melodrama but oh, i really did need that paeds elective to have a chance in hope of passing my finals, having done paeds so very very very long ago!

WOE. am most definitely NOT HAPPY.

all the love in the world for ENT isn't really helping right now. arghhh


jessica said...

Oh no!! I'm sooo sorry!!

I don't really understand how your school stuff works though. Electives and finals?? Why do you have an elective before a final??

Anyways, go study now. Just try to learn the important stuff and learn it well. Remember to sleep!! There won't be anyway that you can learn everything really well for tomorrow. Learn what you can and make sure you know it well!!


Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Oh no!!!!!!! You poor dear!

I feel your pain a wee bit, as our finals start in two weeks as well!!

Do try to get some sleep, disastrous social blunders and poorer marks come from sleep deprival I've found!

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

All the best!! Really, you can do it!!!! Your inspirational messages have been tremendously helpful, and I'll try to reciprocate best I can :)

Come on DDW, you can do it! Chin up, it's nearly christmas!

Harry said...

poor you! cancelled, why?!

hope you get another sorted sometime soon!