Monday, November 26, 2007

i'm still really upset that my paeds elective has "poofed" into thin air. ARGH.

but a kind friend has offered to let me do an ortho elective with him so that's alright now! :D ortho is way more fun than paeds and it's important for exams too so that should be fine.

but what i don't get is:

yes, this is a rant against the administration.
they jolly well knew that they were taking year 3s for that period in which we'd applied for electives so they'd be unable to handle us at that time as well.
and i'm sure they had all this planned long ago too.
so why tell us only now???

i'd already planned and settled all my elective slots, only to have it ruined by a cursory late announcement like that. why not tell us right from the start when announcing elective choices?

it irks me that students are taken so lightly. it's as if we don't matter at all, we're an afterthought.

they can't even be bothered to tell us properly, just a short email with 3 lines to it.
not even any apologies. and my elective supervisor didn't even know! good golly.

i know students aren't that important, but for goodness sakes, would it kill you to have released that announcement 3 months earlier or something once you knew?

it's not just me who's affected, it's a whole bunch of us.

it smacks of high-handedness and uppityness. don't look down on us please. we're humans too!

now i've to find something to do in that one week between surgery and ortho. ARGH.

(here's an explanation for jess!)
where i come from, we have an elective period of several months after completing most of our core curriculum at the end of year 4. so we get to do stuff we want to during this period, or we have to do remedial postings if we've done badly in any of our current postings - i'm scheduled for one boooo.
anyway, we have finals at the end of year 5, which is why the elective period is so important because it affords you: 1) the chance to brush on your weak subjects before heading into the "death" year, so to speak; and 2) the chance to do something you really like that you haven't gotten enough of in the core curriculum!

hope that explains it sufficiently! :D

and thanks a million xavi and jess!


jessica said...

Awww, I like you. You're so sweet!! Thanks for the explanation!

Well I have faith in you ditzy!! You'll do great!

And yes school administration people suck. a lot. It's sooooo frustrating sometimes dealing with them. Scratch that- all the time. I think they just want our money... So If I fail ( heaven help me) then I have to pay to take all my courses again... during the summer and following years. :(

GOOD LUCK! I AM SO SURE THAT YOU"LL DO GREAT! (oh my. I sound like that Frosted Flakes commerical GRRRREAT! :P)

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Awwwww... you're so sweet Ditzy! You'll do great! Passion for what you're doing helps significantly, and now that you've found ENT that should give you the drive to do awesomely on your exams!!

Admin people are hard to deal with. On the bright side, at least yours speak English! (long story...)

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Yeah, some of the antibiotics are great fun to say (I'm definitely with you on ciprofloxacin! I can't for the life of me pronounce trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole though!)
Yes, it's a different cute medic boy. I've given up on the first one because we spend several hours a day in the same room and he still doesn't acknowledge my existence. The only thing about "new cute medic boy" (I need to come up with a new name for him, lol!) is that he's not in the library nearly so often, so I don't get to see him much.
It's too bad you don't have second cup, cause it's so much better than Starbucks, and less expensive too! If you ever come to Canada you'll have to try it out :)
Hope school's going well! Back to my biology textbook, talk to you later!