Wednesday, December 19, 2007

and so man u won!! a scrappy terrible game, but the luck was with the winner and that's all that matters - the 3 points!

enough of prattling on about soccer now, let's talk about something else!

there have been christmas decorations aplenty in the hospitals, mostly along the offices. NONE in the wards, where i would assume the people who need them the most would want them?

so much for spreading goodwill and cheer this season eh. apparently office staff can be bothered to pretty up their offices (is there some competition?) but not the wards. the sick and ill don't need cheering, i guess.

but the good thing is that volunteers have been popping by to say hi and sing, and it makes me happy to see small kids smiling toothily away!

a fact: i love kids too much to do paeds. and also: i don't possess enough brains to do paeds.

anaesthesia's coming to an end, can't say i've enjoyed it much. but it's been lovely sitting in the ORs - i love nothing more than seeing surgeries! scrubbing in is even better - but my complete lack of anatomy gives me away. ORs are FREEZING, by the way - are surgeons all very fat and thus well-insulated? NO. so why so cold? i have no idea, honestly. i spend the last 2 weeks freezing my arse off!

am still trying to write my report, but keep getting distracted! urghh facebook i blame you!

we had a patient stimulation earlier this week, in which we were individually brought to a dummy and given an emergency scenario where we had to rescue the patient - i managed to rescue mine! although, on hind sight, i should have done alot more things, but at least i managed to keep him alive till the end of the scenario. i have to admit, i spent more time staring at the monitor chewing my nails and wondering what the hell i should be doing next to increase his blood pressure and slow his heart rate! basic physiology - ALL forgotten. sigh.

well, a blog post very much about nothing.


jessica said...

pah, don't worry about it! As long as the patient survives ;)

OKAY: so the World Junior's Hockey Tournament starts on Boxing Day. SO FREAKING EXCITED!!! We (meaning Canada) are going to beat everyone (meaning all those European teams and the USA team) SOUNDLY! so excited. ohmigosh. (I understand how it is with the fanatic football-ism (?). It sucks when it's not a nice win, but it's a win nonetheless :P)

Hope your paper goes well!!!

jessica said...

AHHHH!!!! 4 DAYS UNTIL THE TOURNAMENT!!!! 4 DAYS!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! It's in the Czech Republic this year and next year it's in my HOMETOWN!!!!*brainexplosion*

jessica said...


All the players are under 20... and over 18 (obviously)


Jen said...

it's so cold in ORs b/c under the gowns it gets SO hot, and the surgeons don't want to be sweating onto the patient :)

Liana said...

Hey if you're on Facebook, here's another distraction for you: you can join my group! It's called the 0.7% challenge and it's for people who want to commit to donating 0.7% of their income to a charitable organization in the next year (in the spirit of the 0.7% target for aid set by the United Nations for wealthier nations.)

jessica said...

Merry Christmas Ditzy!!!

I'll figure it out in the new year ;)

adam brown said...

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jessica said...

AHHH!!! We're schooling the other teams!!! We made a new tournament record: 20 straight wins!!! WHOOOOO!

Yes I know you don't care about this, but do I care that you don't care? no. no I do not.

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

So, I'm curious now... how would you increase his blood pressure and decrease his heart rate??

For BP, I'm guessing you could give some Gely, and give a bolus of IV fluids.

Sadly, I haven't done any real cardio physiology, so I'm not very good at this yet. I'm anxious to learn though!

jessica said...

Okay, this is a little late

BUT WE WON!!!! WE WON!!! 4 times in a row BABY!!!! Gold for us, Silver for Sweden and Bronze for Russia!!

And next year in the tournament is here! WHERE I LIVE!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥