Sunday, December 16, 2007

it's here it's here!!!

THE day of the season when man u play liverpool. and more than that - chelsea plays arsenal!

this day will probably never be repeated in history, so to commerate it, let's indulge in some eye candy!

1st match: man u vs liverpool

fernando torres from liverpool

and cristiano ronado from man u! (there is only ONE red team)

2nd match: arsenal vs chelsea

and now, before any detractors cry out that i am just another air-head watching for the good-looking guys, let me assure you that they're simply a bonus.

hey, i started watching soccer before i hit my teens! i can most certainly assure you that i wasn't interested in guys at all then ;)

i can most certainly hold my own with discussing with the guys about football players and game plans, although i'm not an expert (i am undoubtedly the expert on good-lookers) and i didn't finish last in the fantasy football league. so there!

and i am most certainly a man u supporter! stand up proud and say it loud: MAN U!!!
(have to admit i fancy the pants of torres though - man u is suffering from SUCH a dismal lack of eye candy! of course, i'd have to say kaka thrashes them all hands down - a good looking lad if i ever saw one!)

so there - may man u thrash liverpool's arses and wipe them clean off the field, and may chelsea and arsenal have a lovely goalless draw littered with the red cards that arsenal is known for. how lovely! :D

most sorry if i've offended any barking mad arsenal, chelsea, or liverpool fans out there - you know how it is in football team rivalries so please forgive my own barking madness!

enough of fan-girlyness - on to the matches!


Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Oooh, they're CUTE!

jessica said...

hmmm. I am undecided on which team I prefer more, based purely upon their skills as team *cough*

Sigh. See hockey. love it. But they're all covered up in equipment so they're really isn't much of an eye candy bonus.
But football (or soccer) THEY RUN AROUND SHIRTLESS (not all the time...but still!!!) CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?!

hmmmm.... I still can't figure it out...

Back to football. My friend got my addicted to the World Cup during exam time. Thank you very much. I didn't get very much studying done. SIGH.

the little medic said...

Hurray for Man U. I'm a united supporter too :D