Friday, December 7, 2007

having been tagged by xavier (someone please teach me how to insert links???), here goes a meme with 7 random facts!

1. i'm not from europe (sorry jess!), but i'm going to visit europe soon though!

2. i have many, many, MANY eye candies. so much so that my friends roll their eyes when i point out a cute actor/sportsmen/doctor/medic/random person.

3. when i was young, i wanted to do medicine because i thought white coats were the coolest thing alive! really. (of course it's not the only reason now!)

4. and i said so in my medical entrance interview. which got the professor snorting with laughter, and he remembers me to this date. apparently humour gets you places! little did he know i was being serious.

5. my caffeine addiction only started in medical school. or rather, when clinical rotations started. sigh

6. i am not a well person. as in, i have diseases that are considered serious by any standards, but more on that another day. (no, it was not a motivating factor for entering med school - see point 3!)

7. i used to love christmas, but since something happened it hasn't quite been the same, but it's still my all time favourite season of the year :)

and i have to cheat and agree with medstudenitis that i cannot wear high heels. sigh no pretty feet and shoes for me!


jessica said...

I... I... feel like I don't even know you anymore!!! (SOBS. i'm not suppose to be online right now). I've been labouring under this false impression that you were from Europe!!! Who are you?!?! I don't know you!! ;)

Just wear kitten heels or flats! Flats are great!!!

Ohhhh, that sucks about you being sick. I have lots of weird conditions but I'm not very sick...

AWWW! What happened? Why don't you love noel as much as you use to??

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

I hope you get your christmas cheer back soon too!

I always assumed you were from England, seeing as you use British expressions all the time. But I guess my last "boyfriend" wasn't British but he still had a British accent and used British expressions. He was all "speak to you lay-ta!" It was A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E.

I'm really supposed to be studying now...

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Sigh, now I really miss the sound of his beautiful voice...

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

I love what you said in your interview too! Lol, that's hilarious! I"ll have to remember that when I'm going to interviews next year! :)

P.S. Thanks for your comments! They help to keep my spirits up through exams!

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Can you tell I'm procrastinating studying for statistics? Lol.

Sigh, I shouldn't have mentioned him, cause now I'm missing him like crazy!