Wednesday, December 5, 2007

i did something stupid. uh-oh.
we were sent back to hospital where i first started clinical rotations in, and by pure chance, i saw... my very first tutor!
who, erm, coincidentally happens to be major eye candy for me. (no one else seems to think so! POOH. he's young, cute, has a great smile and great spectacles, and is always friendly! not to mention highly talented!)
and so, i saw him, turned and almost swooned, then fell right on top of my friend and gave an undignified sqwauk.
very very brilliant, ditzy. sigh. :(
thank God, being the busy surgeon that he was, he was rushing off someplace and didn't witness the entire incident. whew. thank God for small favours!


jess said...

oh ditzy. it could have been like a GAZILLION times worse though right?? You could have been whispering about how cute he was and then he heard, or you could have spilt something down the entire front of the shirt :P which would have majorly sucked, a lot.

Harry said...

hahaha aww, living up to yout title there.

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Oh goodness. We've all been there though, so don't feel too bad!!

P.S. TAG, you're it! 7 random facts about you meme :)