Sunday, December 2, 2007

it's done it's done! i'm suffering from aches and pains and lethargy right now, but ohhhh, it feels good having crossed the finish line after the half-marathon!
it was so hard to keep going at some points though, when your spirit is telling to give up because really, it seems as though the end's no where in sight.
but along the way, there were great motivating factors :) seeing the sunrise (well, a part of it!) was really inspiring, and needless to say, crossing the finish line was the most inspiring of all!
what really struck me were the supporters though, they were so tireless in yelling and cheering and waving balloons. briliant, really. must have been tiring to keep shouting like that! and their unflagging cheer was contagious, i found myself breaking into a smile when running past them.
ahhh. life is good.
now, if only i could walk properly, then life would be perfect.
note to self: must not overdo this aging body next time!


Bongi said...

well done.

jessica said...


That's amazing!!! Once upon a time I ran a 10 km race, but that is nothing to a half-marathon that you did of your own free will!!


Xavier Emmanuelle said...

HURRAY!!!!!!! YAY, DITZY!!!!!!

That's totally awesome, I'm so impressed! I ran some 5Ks, but a half marathon is infinitely more impressive!

Harry said...

woah a half marathon? Well done.

I have become so much lazier after moving into the city and acquiring my travel card.