Monday, January 7, 2008

apparently, medical students don't go on vacation?

i've just gotten ahold of internet access after trudging through italy (gorgeous place, gorgeous people!) and i've found my email account inundated with all sorts of school-associated stuff, from updates about the upcoming exam schedule to tips and revision lectures and to arranging electives - all of which are going to be OVER BY TIME I RETURN HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm burning up with stress right now, i don't know what to think or do. all i can think of in my blind panic is how much i am in the deepest of shit (and yes, i haven't started my studying for the exams either, and they're major ones!!!)

oh woe. maybe medical students don't go on vacation after all. lesson learnt? take shorter holidays with internet access. :(

i'm sorry this 1st post of the year is so negative! but arghhh, the stress is killing me. a happier post soon i promise!


the little medic said...

Yup, Medical students are not allowed to take holidays. Its in the small-print don't ya know.

Actually its not, but it bloody feels like that. I get allsorts of crap when we're supposed to be on holiday.

On well, i've only got one real holiday left of my academic career. Shitters.

Try not to stress too much, i'm sure you'll be fine.

jessica said...

Ditzy, everything will be okay! Remember to breathe!!! Panicking doesn't help!!

Just find a library or cafe or something (shouldn't the hotels have internet?) and try to do your best!!

Oh, and this should cheer you up immensely; I've given up. There are too many freaking countries. Go Anon!

Harry said...

sounds like you had an awesome holiday anyways :)

at least you have a life outside of it all!