Friday, January 11, 2008

i'm back! :) and it's really lovely to be home. i cried the minute i stepped out of the plane into the familiar airport. my goodness.

but it's so good to be home! good golly, i sound like a real homebody. i guess i must be! i have no idea how i'm going to manage to endure 10 weeks away from home during my electives!

many thanks for all the well-wishes and calming comments! i did manage to make it for my lecture (which proved useless) and submit the online forms. and wrangle an extension from the admin staff for the submission of the other forms.

but OH MY GOODNESS i totally miscounted the days to my exams! and now i have 2 weeks left instead of 3. OMG. i am SO SO SO DEAD. i really have to work much much harder now and my hopes of passing have just about gone downhill drastically, but hopefully it's still do-able somehow.

2 weeks left to exams! which means i will wake up in the wee hours of the morning, stumble blearily to school and attempt to study, take lots of breaks in between and gossip and play games, and study till late at night before my kind parents decide to take pity on me and fetch me home (i still haven't passed my driving!) or i crash at a friend's dorm (why didn't i chose to stay on college! why! why! why!)

only 2 weeks left!!!!! GAH.

but here's wishing you all a very belated happy new year! hope your christmases were all lovely :)

new year resolutions are:

1. stop procrastinating and actually do some work - i really need this. finals are only a year away and i'm still half-arsed about all the stuff i'm supposed to know, meaning i know nought. nothing.

2. put more effort into what i do - if it's worth doing, it's worth doing well! so there.

3. stop eating so much sweets and drinking so much caffeine - my caffeine addiction was so bad at one point i had to excuse myself from tutorials to run to the vending machine for a quick cup of coffee because i couldn't concentrate. oh dear. and i have got to stop eating sweets. my group mates pinch them off me all the time as they know i always carry sweets, and thus i am perpetually buying sweets for my group. SAVE MONEY!

4. which brings us to this: STOP SHOPPING RECKLESSLY. save money. nuff said.

5. exercise more - i'm not about to let last year's half-marathon go to waste! aim is to run 5 k at least once week and lift weights once a week. sounds miserable? well, i'm a medical student. we have no lives, remember?

6. spend more time with those who really matter. i'm sort of learning how to do this, it's a matter of spending more time with my family now :)

7. be neater. oh jess, i totally agree with the paper avalanche bit. my room is a disaster area and i can NEVER find anything when i want it. it's terrible. i have to shift stuff around to sit down or sleep. awful!

8. to be a nicer/meaner person. say it like you mean it - no more hiding behind things and pretending to care when i don't, and actually trying to be nice. paradoxical maybe, but i know what it means :)

9. to speak up more. i tend to be timid and hide behind my groupmates in hospitals because i'm never sure of myself. NO MORE BEING COWARDLY!

10. lastly, to devote more time to God and prayer. i really need this.

alright, 10 resolutions, made late! hopefully they stick for a bit. i'm not too sure about the coffee one though, with exams looming drastically near! :(

but may this year ahead be a good one, you all! :)


the little medic said...

Very best of luck with your resolutions :)

jessica said...

[my shift key is broken so that's why i can't capitalize anything. this is driving me crazy]

glad your flight was safe

i'm honestly not kidding about the paper avalanche. people think i'm teasing but i'm not. it's really bad... if there was a fire in my house my room would be the first to go.

i like all your resolutions [exclamation point]
good luck with those [excla. point again]
if i can ever help with any resolutions let me know... like, oh i dunno, you can send all your money to me so you can't shop ;)

good luck with your finals ditzy. please study hard for me. don't email me at all, until you're done.