Sunday, February 10, 2008

i'm back! :D

we've been busy celebrating a traditional festival and thankfully i've been spared from the usual cheek-pinching by relatives i've not seen in yonks because we've been hermit-ing at home this year. whew.

anyway in other news i've been posted to a small hospital rather far from where i live for my general medicine remedial. it's the smallest major hospital where i live, and is renown for its long-stayers and sizeable geriatric population. not much general medicine there, apparently! but i've heard the doctors are amongst the nicest to be found so hopefully that'll save our sorry arses from a second failure!
to be honest, i'm rather looking forward to it. big hospitals feel rather impersonal sometimes. on the other plus side, there's good food around this small hospital! :D food is always always a plus point - hospital canteen food is usually not much fit for eating. :\

so i'm off to go study a little on neuro exam so i won't look like a total airhead in front of the doctors tomorrow if we are so lucky enough to get a tutorial on the first day! :)


jessica said...

So does this mean you have to move out?? :( Well at least you could live with your med friends!!

Food is def. an added plus ;)

The Shrink said...

Neuro's always worth learning well.

Get it right and it's simple, get it wrong and it's awful!
Also, it's always useful. Emphasis on clinical signs change, emphasis on treatments change, the cranial nerves always stay the same :-)

I've trained and worked in many different hospitals over the years and found I favour smaller, more personal hospitals to huge teaching hospitals.
Can matter, I thought I hated one discipline, but it was just that the attachment was less pleasant 'cause of the style of hospital I was in.

Ms-Ellisa said...

Food is the ULTIMATE plus... :-D

Good luck with neuro...!

Harry said...

Sounds like a nice few weeks you've got coming up, all the best I'm sure you'll find there's a lot to learn and improve upon.

I start neuro in a few weeks and have heard it's the hardest thing this year. Fingers crossed...

Calavera said...

Good food in a hospital - does that exist?!

Good luck with the neuro exam!