Sunday, February 3, 2008


that was the title of the email i received from the department, announcing the do-or-die list's arrival.

if your name is on the list - good luck to you. you are now called to sit for an oral exam in front of the WHO'S WHO of the department setting the paper, which means ALL the profs and emeritus profs and profs-who-love-to-fail-students. yikes!

however, if your name isn't on the list - then it's WHOOP-DEE-DOO!!!

and so, the email read:
"if your name is on the list, you would have been called by the department to notify you of your time slot for the oral exam" (or something like that!)

and so, i rush to check my phone! (which happens to be charging! damnit that's half the house away!)

and to my horror, bright and clear on the screen: "1 MISSED CALL"

cue canons and earthquakes and utter despair! (yes, i am such a drama queen). after staring at my phone's screen in shock and horror and alternating between "omg wtf, this can't be true" and "omg omg i so knew it! i'm doomed to fail!" for what seems like an eternity, i finally pluck up what little is left of my courage and call my class head, who's checked out the list himself.

to my sheer relief (this sounds wayy too tame for the internal combustion i went through - isn't there a more dramatic word!), i am OFF the list.

and so i thank God and all the wonderful angels above who watch over me daily despite having no time to study and going on vacation just before the papers, i have, for want of a better word, PASSED.

the rest is totally inconsequential, because PASS = MD.

i'm not on the smarties oral exam list either, but that doesn't matter, because i am totally OFF the do or die list. so there.

i'm not the smartest pea in the can, but i'm fairly competent and that's enough! :D i've given my best, and i'm going to be happy with it. (well, until the results come out and i get the lowest possible grade alive - then cue more drama queen antics!)

meantime, time to polish up on internal medicine! i've got 4 weeks of remedial to make good on myself (angry medic, i totally hear you right now) and i'm determined to pass this and clear my name. no more slacking off, no more fooling around. it's serious business! ;)


Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Congrats Ditzy!!! Yay for you!

Harry said...

aww well done!

i had a final year viva for biomed, it was terrifying!!

jessica said...


I told you so!!!

♥♥♥Congrats Ditzy!!! ♥♥♥

The Shrink said...

Well done!

Much goodness :-)