Saturday, March 8, 2008

i'm watching 6 nations now!

scotland vs england: the scotland jerseys are sooooo much nicer and more manly looking than the england jerseys (if you aren't fit, white only makes you look fatter).

then again, i shall be absolutely gutted if england loses! especially since toby flood is playing! :) total eye candy for me :)


jessica said...

What does the position of prop mean in rugby?? Because that's Jon Golding's position, no?

And what about Anthony Elliot and James Hoyle?? Aren't they playing? Couldn't they be considered eye candy?? Oh wait, they play for the Falcons, which is the home team of Toby. Ahhh, I see.

Why is it called 6 nations? Because I always kinda put Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and England together-ish *sorry*. At least England and Wales are always 'together'.

Are the Italians better at Rugby then soccer, I mean football? (I'm still so upset over them winning the World Cup)

So. In short. I am very jealous that your favourite (or at least one of your faves)tournaments is on right now. I have 13 games still! *sobs*

jessica said...

I'm sorry. I hope Scotland wins... *blushes* ;) Rory Lamont, Rory Lawson, James Hamilton, Rob Dewey, Simon Taylor, Nikki Walker....


Anyways, Santiago Dellape's picture on the website is nothing short of awesome :P And Florian Fritz looks.. uhm... nice...

But they can't beat my Carey Price!!


anarchron said...

Go the Wallabies!

Sage said...

As far as I am aware, the Prop position is to support the scrum - tends to be strong and fit in order to do it effectively.

6 Nations because 6 countries involved, before Italy joined it was the 5 nations tournament...

Sad but true..

Me, I'm a Wales supporter - got to keep up the heritage though my partner is English so we enjoyed watching their game.