Wednesday, March 5, 2008

my clinical test is tomorrow!!!
and i must confess i'm rather scared stiff.

i managed to miss a whopping big pleural effusion a few days ago, and fabricated up another consolidation. respiratory medicine is obviously not my strong suit. then again, with the ears i have, neither cardio or respi is cut out for me, and rather obviously so!

but the be-all-and-end-all of this medicine remedial (barring the MCQs a month later) is tomorrow. i've scurried around and called my tutor about who my tester is, and apparently he's the youngest and newest registrar and he's super nice. so there's hope yet for me! :D

and the 3 boys that i'm doing this remedial with have finished their tests today and have told me that it's passable, their standards aren't too high and the cases are nothing out of the ordinary. :D in short, i can do it! :D my lovely partner has offered to go on rounds tomorrow (and at an unearthly hour, no less!), even though his test is over, to see what new admissions there are and what patients i'm likely to get for the test. thank God for nice people! :)

but i really do want to pass on my own merit as well, as much as knowing the cases would help, i would also like to pass on my own, just like the final exams next year. i won't be having any sort of help at all then!

then again, i have improved markedly this posting, it's really just respi which is killing me. so maybe there's hope yet!

i hope you all are well! :D when i next blog hopefully it'll be about my lovely tester. haha


The Shrink said...

Good luck with it!

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Good luck tomorrow!! (Well, actually, by now it might be tomorrow where you are, so in that case, good luck today!)