Wednesday, June 25, 2008

a death in the medical family

today, there was sad news.

a fellow doctor from my tiny little island has died, from massive haemetemesis, postulated to be due to intractable ITP. much else is unknown.

i didn't know him well, but i do remember the few kind words he had for a despondent medical student struggling through her OB/GYN posting, convinced she was never going to make it.

he wasn't the most stellar of characters, granted, all of my countryment probably knew him by name due to his notoriety and the circumstances in which he achieved it. but he struck me as a good person, innately. i could have been wrong, of course, and biased.

but i will remember those kind words, and how they pulled me through a horrible day.

he may be gone, but the kindness i received will long stay with me.

may you rest in peace.

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HM said...

that's a real shame, it's always shocking hearing of a death like that, even if you didn't know the person per se, but the impact on those that did is obvious.