Sunday, June 22, 2008

awww shucks.
i have just realised that when i wake up in the morning, i will be a final year student. SO NOT LOVELY.

i should be in a blind panic, but thankfully, i'm not. all thanks to the lovely dean's office, which has decided to start my one-third of the class with a 2 week study break! which equates to extended vacation so now i have time to meet my friends who've just flown home from all over the world where they're studying. how lovely :D

then again, you have to wonder just what the administration is thinking when we've just had 4 months of lovely slow-paced electives, coupled with 3 weeks of holidays, who the heck needs to start with a 2 week study break?

but i'll rant about that when i start sub-internship in 2 weeks time!

ahhhh, procrastination ;)


medstudentitis said...

I had the same awful realization about a month ago. It seems so wrong that medical school should have gone by so fast.

HM said...

wow final year - I can't wait to be honest, or at least until clinical school.

I woke up this morning thinking the second year will be fairly similar to the first, and that I need to get a job!

I'm sure it'll come round soon enough.

Dragonfly said...