Tuesday, June 17, 2008

PHOTOS! :D (part 1)

from top (left to right): our train compartment (and yes, that's my pink bag there, the bagpack is under the seats);

the train station at 4 am in the morning with people sleeping on the floor;

one of the lovely nurses showing us the way to our rooms (check out the white cap!);

the gen med consultation room at night (it has 4 or 5 tables inside and 2 examining beds);

mine and my friend's room;

and cupboards (v messy argh);

the main street in town;

one of the sari shops where i bought punjabi suits/salwaars;

during a political rally!

1. goat!

2. buffaloes

3. sunset over the main road

4. gloves washed and hung out to dry before repowdering outside the ICU

5. the ICU

6. view of the hill from our hospital

7. the circus we visited (the outside) at night

8. nurses hostel with their laundry hung out to dry (things keep getting blown off!)

9. medical library :D

1. during a typical gen surg outpatient clinic (4 doctors around 1 table)

2. the most adorable little boy who sells mangoes outside the hospital - i gave him quite good business i'll bet

3. medical library!

4. relatives sleeping outside the wards

5. in the OT (2 beds in 1 theatre, and there are power cuts. HORRORS)

6. outside the outpatient dept

7. where we were :D

8. main town at night (an hour away from the hospital)

9. our train!

(on our weekend escapade from the hospital)

1. a pretty hotel (sadly, we could only afford to eat there, not stay there :( poor!)

2. chocolate! :D not as good as it looks though :(

3. pretty scenery that we had to inch our way down a slope to get to - the boys went but we girls stayed higher up

4. suicide point!

5. a cow that decided to lie down right in front of our parked car

6. horses for riding! (no, we didn't go)

7. a lake where we went paddle boating

8. a pretty church (why is my photo cut off at the top???) where we went for sunday service

9. a family that miraculously appeared when i whipped out my camera to take a photo of their cute youngest son (half hidden behind his sister) - they're definitely not camera shy!

more will be up later! :D


Dragonfly said...

Awesome!! *Green with envy*

Liana said...

Nice photos. I'm glad you had what looks like a great time.

The Little Medic said...

great photos!

The Shrink said...

Very good pics, nicely put together, thanks for sharing!

HM said...

looks great! I'm very envious, I have the same east london skyline and adjacent building site to wake up to!