Thursday, August 21, 2008

i think i love pyschiatry!

as it has, so often, i'm falling in love with my rotation.

i'm pretty certain that i don't want to be a psychiatrist in the future, but in the meantime i do love my tutors at my current hospital to bits.
we've had so much fun despite it being JCI acredition week (which means we're kept out of wards and clinics in a bid to improve said hospital's chances of being JCI acredited so we won't screw up in front of the auditing big shots), it's meant half days, long lunches and lots of laughter as the doctors feel bad for us and give us long but super interesting tutorials.
i've never laughed so much in my life!

we've acted all types of patients, from the usual depressed/schizophrenic to the adjustment disorders/OCD/ hypochondriacs. i adore the tutors, they manage to make a 3 hour tutorial on alcohol dependence super interesting. i haven't fallen asleep once yet and that's without coffee! (granted, i'm drinking tea now in a bid to cut down my unhealthy amount of caffeine, but still!)

my favourite doctor so far has been the one who's encouraged us to act, who tells us funny anecdotes about his past patients, who's always approachable with a ready smile, who realises that most of us won't become psychiatrists but still tries his darndest to make us fall in love with psychiatry anyway, against all odds :)
he's even counselled my groupmate for free (she's got a chronic adjustment disorder and is currently depressed) and has been sensitive to her moods, asking whether she's alright enough to participate in the acting sessions.
when we finished our tutorial, i turned to another groupmate and said: i sure as hell hope he's married, cos if he isn't married, i'm sure he's gay! (my point being all the good men in the world are married or gay. hehe i'm just joking)

psych has really been so much fun! i've never looked forward to going to hospital so much in my life, and never with such a smile. :)

only thing is, we haven't once been in the wards or clinics, i'm not very sure if i'll like it then - this hospital is famous for nurses hating medical students. urlp.

but so far, it's been a blast! :)

and Shrink, i do imagine that you're like my favourite tutor! :)


The Shrink said...

What, gay?!

The Shrink said...

Gah, just kidding. Anyway, I'm married :)

Glad you're enjoying the rotation, it's obviously a relevant subject as it touches on every other discipline (except p'raps pathology, since it's rare to have to talk to patients in the mortuary) and clearly most folk won't become psychiatrists.

I've never tried to tempt folk to psychiatry, feeling that if they've a passion for it they'll do it and if they don't then I wouln't want them as a colleague anyway ;)

Having approachable, cheery teaching is always such a welcome and beneficial placement, hope the ward and clinic stuff's as engaging!