Wednesday, August 27, 2008

withdrawal symptoms

withdrawal symptoms: depression, anxiety and craving (from wikipedia)
i've been having typical classical withdrawal symptoms, much like alcohol and benzo withdrawal (in a mild form of course!) - the olympics is over! :(

i wailed to my sister: what are we going to do with our lives now????
no more rushing home from hospital, plonking myself in front of the tv and squinting really really really hard at michael phelp's abs (yes, i ogle shamelessly) and the divers too (thomas daley is the cutest thing ever! plus they have super abs.)

no more gymnastics and synchronised swimming, no more of usain bolt's showboating, no more tears and smiles and celebrations and sadness.

i'm sad :( why is it only once in 4 years!!! :(

to end this sad woeful (and highly pathetic) entry, i leave you with :

appreciate, people, appreciate! guys don't come hotter than this :)
and it really doesn't hurt that i can re-learn all my surface markings for anatomy from these photos. i should blow them up and imprint them onto my puny brain ;)

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Ms-Ellisa said...

Totally on board with you on the Phelps topic...