Monday, September 1, 2008

of rashes and itches

ear candy: the ting tings! :)

we've started a 2 week rotation in dermatology. it's only the first day today!

so far, i've sat in a psoriasis clinic (oh those poor patients!) and seen numerous viral warts being removed. ouch.

i've also learnt that to do derm, you need to do an MRCP, which kind of puts paid to all my hopes and dreams of doing derm!

i used to think that derm was for the lazy and weak (please shoot me), being influenced by general surgeons (i was young and impressionable back then!) in the early days of medical school, who had no qualms slagging off dermatologists as being lazy and headed for a good life, where money and time were in abundance. little did i realise i would fall in love with the visual nature of the "spot" diagnoses of dermatology, the quick consultations, the ability to impact patients's lives so greatly (even if the conditions aren't life threatening).

i regret dismissing it so lightly before! derm has had me enthralled with rashes, bullae, scales, warts and more. (i still have to admit i like OB/GYN more though)
but it's a highly competitive specialty and i, being closer to the bottom of my class rather than the top, am not likely to get in, even more with the need for an MRCP (my medicine is in a highly woeful state).

so i guess i'll just enjoy derm whilst it lasts and look back on it with fondness :)

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The Shrink said...

'"spot" diagnoses'


Although much of dermatology is pattern recognition, the other aspect is the work/life balance.

Firstly, there's massive opportunity for private practice, if that's your thing.

Secondly, the on-call's a dream. How many people get an emergency pimple consultation out of hours? ;)