Friday, December 26, 2008

the one about shoulders

is shoulder crepitus normal? because i don't think so :( and i have really bad shoulder crepitus in my right arm and none in my left :(

i think i'm a prime candidate for osteoarthritis of my shoulder! :( this is worrying. maybe i should give up softball, it's straining my shoulder far too much anyway. but after this season!

or maybe it's the hypermobility (i can bend my little fingers backwards to touch the dorsum of my hands!) that's causing the crepitus?

uhhhh. this is freaky.

(this all came about in playing the game rayman's rabid rabbids on wii!!! and guitar hero. i do declare i must be the shittiest player on wii alive, i have no sense of rhythm and i keep fingering all the wrong notes and pressing the wrong things. ARGHHHHHHH)

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Calavera said...

Uh oh... I did an orthopaedic surgery rotation - I should know something about this - but I don't! Get it checked out by an orthopod!