Sunday, January 4, 2009

bring in 2009!

so we've reached 2009 (and i have shamefully fallen far far short of my 2008 resolutions!)


this year, my resolutions are simpler (and in no order of importnance):
1) to keep off coffee (i'm pretty sure i will go right back on it once i'm post-call)
2) to pass my finals (either 1st or 2nd try, hopefully not longer! :\)
3) to work out/exercise more (my increasing weight is reason for worry. uh oh) - should i go with a gym membership or gymnastics classes?
4) to spend more time with my loved ones (super impt)
5) to spend less in light of the economic crisis - really time to rein in my spendthrift ways!
6) to get on the right path to learning to be a good doctor - in terms of attitude, teamwork, compassion, conscientiousness etc, not just in pure knowledge.
7) to devote more time to church, i have been MIA muchly this year
8) to organise my room (uhhh, this is hard. i am probably one of the messiest people on this planet)
9) not to complain and whine so much!
10) to blog more regularly and not be so boring (heh)

much love to all of you! :)



complaining and whinnnning is a hard habit to break!!!...but we must ;) ~Cheers to 2009*

Dragonfly said...

Happy 2009 to you. Hope the shoulder is better.

Calavera said...

Oh my goodness, ditto about the spending! I really need to take care of my finances more as well. :( What with this credit crunch and all...

But why keep off coffee? I could never advocate that...

And I'm sure you'll pass finals! Hello, people like me rely on people like you and your suvivor stories to keep the rest of us going!