Thursday, March 12, 2009

mbbs, 1

day 3 of exams has ended, and i'm exhausted. i've averaged 4 hours of sleep a night (my usual is 7! AHHHHH). my skin is sallow and my eye bags are HUGE. a friend who doesn't study with me had a big shock on seeing me today in the exam hall and said i looked terrible.
i then got a further shock on looking at myself in the mirror. OH MY GOODNESS :(

the things stress does to you - i forgot to eat breakfast before my exam today! :\ thankfully i was saved from hypoglycaemia by the sweets i sneaked into my pencilcase throughout the 3 hours. gracious.

exams so far have only been surgical theory papers, but oh my goodness they seem to be going from bad to worse.
doing 180 multiple choice questions with tricky tricky wordings and double negatives made my head spin. people tossed coins, fell asleep during the paper, and headed for plentiful toilet breaks. MY GOODNESS.

and me? i had diarrhoea through all my papers. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME????
thank goodness i sit in front of the toilet in the exam hall!!!!

2 more weeks!


dopey said...

hey don't worry! i had diarrhoea too! prob just stress related.

sleep enough! it's more impt than last minute cramming... or else too tired will make careless mistakes!

all the best! :)

The Shrink said...

Hope it all goes well . . .