Saturday, March 7, 2009

minutes to midnight

2 days to doomsday!

sorry for lack of updates, been sitting in school attempting to squash stuff into puny little brain (seems to have gotten smaller, much).

lots of discussion going around school - realised that if i had gone to states instead i would have had an easier time facing boards rather than being at the mercy of examiner's questions and unfair distribution of cases etc etc but that is another story for another time. first to pass my MBBS and then i'll talk about USMLE and heading to states to train!

2 days to go, 2 days to go. brain is shrinking by the day, tiredness is increasing exponentially. many of us are all bemoaning this, and wondering how we will ever pass with our current little knowledge (of course, typical med school "snipers" kick in - lots of moaning and groaning and wailing about being stupid and daft, and then owning all our arses with their immense knowledge and making the rest of us feel like dirt - i have plenty of friends like that. HMPH).

but i am also going to miss this last round of studying together, we will never do such things again and have such great company! :(

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